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Our Mission
VanLanka partners with local governments, educational institutions, private sectors and civil society organizations to establish a strong knowledge base among children, youth and women of vulnerable communities to help them transcend their knowledge to the entire community. By placing their needs first, VanLanka engages them in planning and developing their resources management capabilities. We help them build a sound socio-cultural and economic base through promoting the use of traditional farming techniques, livelihood skills, food habits, indigenous medicines and healing systems. We also facilitate youth and women to develop their leadership and management skills and networking strengths to establish human scale business enterprises that lead them towards a moderate lifestyle.

Our Philosophy
VanLanka emphasizes that international developments should build on mutual strengths to build longterm business rather than be focused on providing aid money for transferring financial, technical and professional resources from rich countries to poor. VanLanka also views poverty as a management issue rather than an income issue. Increasing income by itself leads only to increasing expenditure. The level of poverty will change if earnings are managed properly. We partner with communities for their investments. Our process will further people’s capabilities and create pride and self-reliance; essentially, remove the dependency mentality imposed upon them.

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Contact VanLanka

Main Office:
14829, 88 Avenue
Surrey, BC Canada

1 604 582 3974


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