About VanLanka
VanLanka is a Canadian International development Consultancy firm established in 2002 and located in Surrey, British Columbia. VanLanka promotes sustainable practices through collaborative partnerships with grassroots communities, research institutions, private sectors, NGOs and government institutions in developing countries and advice local partners through pragmatic action research, strategic planning and designing innovative planning solutions for community sustainability issues.




Our Guiding Principles
The Simple living practices fostered by eastern philosophies and embodied in many cultures had been harmonious to the natural environment and resilient to social changes. The traditional local governance structures assured a genuine leadership and effective participation of people in planning and local decision making. Due to rapid modernization, and the resultant emphasis on individual, rather than social benefit, these traditions have slowly been eroded and almost forgotten. The primary vision and goal of promoting sustainability in our terms is to remind people of what they have forgotten and blend this forgotten wisdom with modern technological innovations so society can move forward in a more harmonious way.

VanLanka Contact

Main Office:
14829, 88 Avenue
Surrey, BC Canada

1 604 582 3974


VanLanka History

VanLanka planning consulting began as a small business firm to engage in the international development business. Since then, VanLanka was able to link with Sustainable Cities International (SCI), a Vancouver based international development agency, and with new Sri Lankan partners; municipal councils of Matale Badulla and Moratuwa, the University of Peradeniya and the Sevanatha Urban Resources Center are among them. VanLanka provides contextual research, project planning and management services, urban planning and policy support, community mobilization and training for ICSC projects from 2003 – 2009. Since 2009, VanLanka began its own operations in the areas of sustainable planning, community planning and development in both urban and rural communities in Sri Lanka partnering with local governments, private sectors and civil society organizations in Sri Lanka.

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