Values of our People

VanLanka is a group of individuals who work together on a collaborative basis to bring forward a positive change among humanity. Their commitments and like minding attitudes contributed to many success stories to date.


Our people
Sumana Wijeratn:CEO
Brian Pollard: Associate consultant
Udeepa Wijeratne: Youth cordinator
Shakthi Wijeratna: Media support


Sumana Wijeratna
Chief Executive Officer
Sumana, the founder of VanLanka planning consulting, oversees the direction and management of activities in Canada and in Sri Lanka. Her specialty is in community sustainability planning, community research and training. She graduated from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (Geography) University of Colombo (rural planning) University of Moratuwa (urban planning) in Sri Lanka as well as graduating from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver British Colombia from doing an Urban Design Certificate Program.
Sumana has been an urban planner for 25 years, the last eight years in Canada with a focus on Sustainability Planning. Her work in Sri Lanka included seventeen years with the Urban Development Authority (UDA) and local municipal councils. The last six years she spent as a deputy director of planning for regional offices of UDA on land use planning, regulation and laws, long term policy plans, heritage management and low income housing planning. Upon her arrival in Canada, Sumana joined the International Center for Sustainable Cities (ICSC) as a planning consultant and was involved in Urban Greening partnership program and Centering Women in reconstruction and Governance programs from 2003 - 2008. Her most significant contribution is in bringing a new dimension and clarity to sustainability in planning and governance that involves grassroots communities.
Sumana‚Äôs background studies and experience in sustainable planning and community engagement have led her to define Sustainability from a perspective which honors the eastern philosophical democratic principles applied to economic systems of moderate living. Sumana is assertive that the sustainability could be achieved through those practices; changed attitudes and behaviors of people through holistic planning and actions that are of human scale.
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Brian Pollard
Associate consultant

Brian Pollard, a retired College English instructor has thirty years of experience in adult instruction, course development, curriculum design and instructor training. Beyond that, he has a good understanding of development issues, having an undergraduate degree in Economics; and having lived and traveled in rural South-East Asia extensively. The influence of the region eventually led him to practice eastern philosophies. He has been a meditation student for many years and Buddhist teachings have had a profound influence on his teaching methodologies.
Brain has a Bachelor Degree from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby and a Masters of Education Degree from Lesley University in Boston. He is involved in the Community Support Education program of VanLanka Community Foundation research project.

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Contact VanLanka
Main Office:
14829, 88 Avenue
Surrey, BC Canada

1 604 582 3974


Udeepa Wijeratna
Youth Coordinator in heritage management

Udeepa is the youth coordinator of VanLanka, who is responsible for communication and logistical arrangement of Canadian volunteers who are ready to engage in international activities in Sri Lanka as well as youth related activities in Canada. Udeepa is born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Canada at the age of ten and could speak Sinhalese well. Udeepa graduated at Johnston Heights Secondary in Surrey, Canada and has followed Toast Master program in Public Speaking and leadership. He is an enthusiastic and energetic young person whose inspirational thinking is shaped by the family environment he has been living in. His navel interest is in research and rehabilitation of traditional irrigation systems in Sri Lanka. Udeepa is competing his Phycology degree at SFU.


Shakthi Wijeratna
Media Support

Shakthi Wijeratne is the Media support and IT support for VanLanka initiatives in Sri Lanka and in Canada. His expectation in the firm is to spend most of his extra time helping Sri Lankan children in transferring his knowledge and skills for those who would like to learn life supporting skills in the IT sector. Shakthi followed the Toast Master program in Public speaking and leadership. Shakthi is currently volunteering his time helping people in hardware and software support, computer updating, and formatting. He used to update used computers and make them reusable and donates it to people who are in need. Shakthi provides all kinds of tech support for the projects that VanLanka implements. His main task is editing and producing documentary movies. Shakthi is in his third year completing his degree in computer Engineering at UBC.


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