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Partnership and Collaboration
VanLanka is a small business enterprise that promotes counterparts through partnerships on a collaborative basis. We provide technical advice and financial grants for our partners to improve their management capacity and maintain their business independently.  Our knowledge base is the most vital capital asset we built with our partners. We often discourage individuals and communities to depend on conventional bank loans, yet we encourage investments through cooperative savings.

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Current Partnership Business
Businesses below are currently under implementation.
Community Support Education Program
Community Support Education Program (CSEP) is a partnership business between five organizations. VanLanka Planning Consulting (private entity) is the Key investor located in Canada, who partners with VanLanka Community Foundation (non-profit entity), that invests financial and human resources.  Chamber of Commerce, of the Wayamba Province and Ceylon Research Network work as program managers with the Municipal Council of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.  Municipal council host the Canadian teacher who travels to Sri Lanka as the program coordinator. This program will be implemented in regional townships where such services are lacking. It delivers three free English education modules and one paid module. Our partners expect to recover the cost of the program through the paid program to subsidise the cost of free programs to expand the program to other areas.
Indigenous Seed Farming
VanLanka organizes awareness workshops and off farm training programs for farmers with small paddy plots on the use of ingenious seeds and traditional farming. Business partnership under this program is to assist small farmers in rural areas produce indigenous paddy seeds and establish village level purchasing centers. This will promote the use of such varieties among paddy farmers, reduce the production costs, increase the net income of farmers, and improve the health condition of villagers through the consumption of organic food.
Private - Public - Civil Society Partnership in Housing
Community development activities of Wilgoda Labour line is the first step of the private, public and civil society partnership programs that we are attempting to develop in Kurunegala city. This is a partnership among five organizations, namely the Kurunegala Municipal Council, Chamber of Commerce of the Waymba Province, Ceylon Research Network and VanLanka Planning Consulting. Currently, VanLanka Community Foundation mobilizes a small funding for community empowerment activities while CRN, Chamber and VanLanka volunteer their time towards building a social capital as the pre requisite of this program. Read more

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Partnership Business (in planning stage)
Youth in cooperative Business
This is a partnership between all four organizations where VanLanka provides matching funds of 50% to the total cost and also support youth club generates their own capital for the business. Business management and liaison support will be provided by CRN and the Chamber. Profit that they generate will be used to pay bonuses for youth members and will be used to invest on future businesses.
Fishing and community tourism in Kallarawa
Ceylon research Network and VanLanka planning are currently working to improve the organizational and management capacity of Kallarawa community to be able to begin Community tourism and fishing business with fishing corporative of Kallarawa. Logistical arrangements are secured for this program and community resources assessment is underway.