VanLanka works with range of partners which includes national to grassroots level organizations as well as private, civil society and non-profit and community based organizations. Our working relationship is collaborative and is a partnership, where we share cost and the profits.  



Ceylon Research Networks (CRN)
CRN, located at No. 187, Katawalamulla Lane, Colombo 09, Sri Lanka, it is a team of multidisciplinary researchers established into a network in 2008. Its main objectives are designing, organizing and conducting socio -economic research in Sri Lanka. They also provide training and advice for the researches and publish research papers locally and internationally. CRN act as facilitators for local and foreign researchers by data input, data analysis, reporting and publishing. They coordinate local resource personals as well as community groups for international researchers and provide them all the research materials and guidance. CRN partners with VanLanka many of VCF projects as local project manager of all Vanlanka programs.

Sri Lankan Partners
Ceylon Research Networks Ltd.
Lasik Global Services Ltd.
Chamber of Commerce of the Wayamba Province
Derana Community Foundation
Lasik Global Services

Lasik Global Services is a Sri Lankan travel agency headed by a young talented woman who has built her own enterprise, mainly focusing arranging business exchange tours for Sri Lankan business communities as well as international business communities. VanLanka partners with Lasik in arranging eco-tourism tours between Canada and Sri Lanka.

Canadian Partners
Sutainbal Cities foundation
VanLanka Community Foundation

Chamber of Commerce of the Wayamba Province

Chamber of Commerce of Wayamba Province is an incorporated origination located in Kurunegala. Chamber has its membership island wide and is planning to recruit international members. Chamber intends to make a difference in its convectional operation and enter into the process of building social capital in order to serve the membership. This motivation effects chamber to partner with VanLanka in the field community development and education field. Wilgoda Slum Community Development project and the Community Support Education Program are the pilot projects among them.
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VanLanka Contact

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Telephone: 1 604 582 3974

Derana Community Foundation  

Derana Community Foundation is a group of graduates organized into a non-profit entity with the emphasis of bridging the academia and their positive concepts with practical community actions. One of the strengths of the Derana team is their awareness of environmental sustainability and its connectivity towards human beings. Established as a team of university students in 1999 and incorporated in 2002 into non- profit organization, Derana targets to promote environmental education for youth children and community groups. Derana’s programs extended their services towards traditional paddy farming and diversification and community farming. Derana partners with VanLanka for its seed farming projects in Kurunegala district. Vanlanka partnered with them till 2013 under the Vanlanka Community foundation activities.
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