Action Reseach

Our projects are sustainability related action research in order to prove the applicability of research results. We speak about success stories as well as failures.



Research Projects

Community Support Education Program 2011: This is a project that we research the feasibility of implementing a self-financing social education program as a partnership among public, private and civil society organizations. We also examine its ability to replicate in many other regional cities in Sri Lanka as well as in other countries as well.R ead more

Indigenous seed Farming for Sustainable Agriculture: Research the ability to change farmers’ attitudes and behaviours modern farming practices and encourage them producing indigenous seeds through improved traditional farming practices to propagate those among other farmers on a commercial basis. Read about Panama village

Women in Micro Business: VanLanka planning consulting provides guidelines and consultancy for the Chamber of Commerce of Wayamba Province to implement small business women’s award in 2015 which micro business women with peer learning opportunities and training for micro business awards participants.  Funding will be provided by VanLanka Community Foundation.

Community based small Irrigation Rehabilitation: Test the effectiveness of motivating farmers to rehabilitating and maintaining minor irrigations systems at a village level and to adopt traditional water management and farming systems.

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